Hello Everyone,

I am thinking of adding a Monk Class to the Mod.
Thanks for your Endorsements so far in Nexus smile

Anyone have any ideas can write it here for new classes so Modders can put it to their mods.

Lately I added DragonKnight Class as players can turn into Ice, Fire, Acid , Air Dragons with their advantages and disadvantages in battle.

(As an Example Ice Dragon have %100 resistance to water but %-100 resistance to fire. And can Breathe ice damage.)

Still Working on a Weapon & Armor Enchanter Class which may nearly finish.

For Monk stuff I am thinking of skills ;
All skills of course work on unarmed & no armor.
[ Starting Clothes can be re-texured for monk style smile ]

Furry of Blows -> Play loop animation of unarmed strikes for fast and nice damage with a chance of knockdown an enemy with finesse & strength check via enemy weight check.

Ki strike -> Unarmed damage will be improved and count as magic damage with every level of player.

Deflect Arrows -> Starting with %25 chance + %1 chance per finesse skill & level.

Diamond Soul -> Monk will gain spell resistance, armor & magic armor if not wearing an armor per level increase.

Quivering palm -> Monk will make a deadly strike against an enemy.(Formula for damage increased per level , strength, finesse). if enemy is lower then Monk's level Palm strike will also make a Stunning blow and paralyze target's nervus system for 2 turns bypassing any armor kind.

Just write any kind of class ideas or new ones... smile