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Good Post. For me now everything is really THAT much obvious and breaking but I agree with 3 points THE MOST, and I think larian should focus on it:

1. Initiative should be Initiative based. End of story. That should be rather simple, you just need to change algorithm to calculate initiavite first and make turns based on it. That is issue no 1.

2. Talents- some should be fused, some like Demon changed and be more rewarding. Those that are already good (Execut, Hotheaded, Lone Wolf, Elemental Aff etc. doesn't need change). Guerilla for example is good talent- but make sneaking in combat 2 AP. We have to install mod for it to have fun with Guerilla, Assassinate etc.

3. AI should NOT automatically know what talents you have- that is retarded. If I have glass cannon- how they hell enemies can know that? They should know it after I am getting hit but some CC and then AI should "aaa, dam, take this boi there!!!". Same with Undead. If I have helemet AI should not know until I start to heal on posion, no Bleed etc.

I don't think those are THAT huge things to change. Definitelly doable to change them at this point in game.

Agreed with all of these.

1. Right now, Wits and Initiative are just useless remnants of a broken system and have no reason to exist.

2. I recommended fusing Escapist with Duck Duck Goose in the alpha, it should still be fused now, because Escapist is just pretty useless and not worthy of being its own Talent.

3. Is good too, it will preserve the existence of the smarter AI, but it won't feel like it's cheating so much.