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Why aren't you checking the initiative order if the enemies, to see where they are going and who isn't moving between your team so you can combo them?

Largely, because of the armor system. Although this does depend on your team composition. I'm running a 2/2 mixed team, so I simply cannot always drop a combo on the next guy to go. Admittedly that would be easier if I was running a 4/0 Team.

But because of the armor system, it's better to get armor down quickly on as many targets as possible instead of chipping away at both magical and physical on the same target and leaving several others at full strength.

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I agree with a lot of things on this post, especially the talents.

The talents have been such a huge disappointment. Things that made skills and other playstyles unique or just added an extra bonus.

They really have. Larian largely ignored the Talent system despite feedback about how lackluster it is, stretching back all the way to D:OS 1.

Also I never understood why Pawn and Executioner can't go together, it's stupid. Like so what if there is extra AP.

I think this is largely because Executioner used to give 2 AP per kill instead of 2 AP per turn. (As an interesting side note, it still counts as the previous turn if you kill an enemy with an AoO from "Opportunist" before your next turn comes around, so you can start with 6 AP, kill another enemy and Executioner can go off on THAT turn to give you another 2).

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