This feedback comes across as so angsty and angry. Playing the game on tactician and thoroughly enjoying it, I struggle to relate to the levels of angst in the post. You must really hate the game? If it makes you feel depressed then maybe it's not for you? I don't know. Anyway, here is some quick feedback on those points:

AI retards
Agreed. The AI bugs need fixing.

Bad defence
I think you're underestimating the role of spells in defence. There are plenty of good defensive abilities in the game.

Still though, the actual attributes are bad. Fine.

Meaningless attributes
"Near meaningless" and "slaughter of complexity and depth". It's so untrue and unnecessary.

Your point only holds up on a relative level. You can't argue that because they affect less than the first one that they are bad. Criticize it rather in isolation.

Anyway, I disagree. The attributes achieve exactly what they need to so why add extra fluff? Especially considering that points in "class attributes" give you stats as well i.e. Warfare gives damage, scoundrel gives crit and movement, etc.

Calling memory "tax" is arbitrary. Instead of "tax", the correct word is "trade-off".

If you think that memory is unnecessary and that you don't have enough AP to even cast all the abilities you've memorized, well then I've got news for you. You're missing out on a lot of builds in the game.

Rollercoaster talents
I can barely relate here. I think talents are fine. Maybe a few tweaks here and there, but each talent I choose greatly benefits me.

Binary outcomes of armor
Quick little point: Technically in both games the outcome is binary. Either CC works or it doesn't. What you mean to say is that the outcome is now certain.

I disagree here. It adds another layer of depth to the game. The first one was an immediate CC fest and it was too easy and simple as a result.

They could add some passive defense to CC itself, sure. I'm not sure how it will impact combat, but I don't feel like it is necessary. Just because there is no RNG based uncertainty doesn't mean there is no uncertainty. As in chess there is no uncertainty in the outcomes of taking pieces, but you still don't know what moves your opponent will make. We must consider whether we want uncertainty for its own sake or whether it will add something to the system.

As to what reduces what kind of armour, I think "elemental" damage reducing magic and "physical" reducing physical is perfectly fine. It serves the purpose it seeks to achieve. To apply your own views as to how it should work is arbitrary.

I agree about taunt though. Taunt seriously needs to work always regardless of armour.

Yeah, initiative is weird. I think the armour system solves the problem they were trying to fix with this new initiative system.

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