I would like to respond to the criticism of Retribution.
Note that I'm only at the beginning (middle?) of Act 2 and also use a mod so the Taunt bypass armor to make my life easier but it's still fine without it. I have around 50% reflect damage at the time.

I think Retribution is balanced. My tank phoenix dive into the enemy, taunt a few of them (let him engage alone if you don't use cheats taunt), and maybe buff my armor. At the end of the turn, my tank has done as much damage as my secondary DPS while tanking the damage. Even destroying enough physical armor for my other characters to CC the enemies.
My tank would not have done as much damage with his one hand or the shield bash. The fact that I can taunt enemies to mitigate damage and do a little damage on top for free is a great tool in my fights. I don't regret putting point into this attribute.