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The inflation increases the value of bartering, luck and thievery.

You haven't actually mentioned what exactly you don't like about the inflation though. Just that it reminds you of D3.

Yep, inflation in the "why on earth does a lvl 18 weapon does ~90% more damage than a lvl 17 one" sense, nothing to do with prices.
Didn't go into specifics as the first post in this thread is pretty detailed.

It reminds me to D3 because:
- Both stat systems are VERY simplistic: pump mainstat for a straight multiplier on damage, maybe get some extra HP(and a constant tax for memory slots in OS2)
- Both systems end up with way too many zeroes at the end of damage/HP, for no good reason

This kind of system is a staple of grindy MMORPGs(for gating content) and primitive browser games(for low-effort content generation), feels out of place in a game like this.
Really subjective but for me it's usually an indicator of poor balance and certainly doesn't feel elegant.

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But DOS: EE did not improve mechanics much, most flaws in the vanilla version are still there, and certain things like combat stealth and bartering became completely useless. Hope this time it will be different.

It felt a lot better than the original one and was free despite probably needing a lot of time to make. Was still kinda unbalanced but in the end its faults were much less annoying than how fun the combat was.
Definitely a big plus in my book.

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