I hate the amour system. Almost all my posts on this forum, right from the start of early access were to complain about it.

And to ask 1 question of Larian: "What problem did you see in DOS1 that you thought this would fix?"

Sure would love to see them try and explain this design decision.

The deterministic nature of the combat is horrible. If the problem was the overly successful turn 1 cc of DOS1 then you lower the success rates, or you cap the success rate.

You don't turn it into 0% or 100%!

I am finding it really difficult to finish a play through to the end of this game. It is so stupidly easy it is just tedious and boring.

1st tried with a solo summoner thinking that would be hard. Ended up being shockingly easy and gave up on it at level 10.

Then tried with a balanced group of 4 hybrids with a mix of phys and magic attack skills. Again got bored at level 11 because there was no challenge at all.

Now, I'm going with what I did in DOS1, party of 4, using only Warefare, Scoundrel and Hunter skills. No magic, no healing done with anything other than food -- took Five-Star-Dinner at character creation.

I hope it gets hard, eventually. Steamrolled everything so far, but only level 6 right now.

There's a nice game here but surprisingly it's the combat system that is the game's biggest flaw. Never expected Larian to get that part of the game so wrong.