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The deterministic nature of the combat is horrible. If the problem was the overly successful turn 1 cc of DOS1 then you lower the success rates, or you cap the success rate.

You don't turn it into 0% or 100%!

I don't think being deterministic is inherently wrong.
If you simply reduce chances too much CC could become too swingy: when it works you have auto won, hosed otherwise.

Would've preferred something like:
- slightly reduced chances
- increased CD on low level skills
- enemies have a chance to recover each turn
- HP values are increased so you can't ultramurder bosses in 1 turn

Or just go with deterministic and increase HPs + make armor reduce duration(severity where it makes sense).
Maybe make support abilities that remove CC common.

There must be a solution that puts CC usefulness between the extremes of the 2 games.