My game seems to be crashing every 5-10 minutes of gameplay i spent 2 hours on the starting boat slowly advancing after finally making it off the boat and waking up on the beach the game will not advance any further, after coming out the loading screen it shows my character lying on the beach and then the game crashes and it is set on crashing in that spot and i cannot advance further i have tried every fix that has been suggested to people who have been having a similar issue but non of them work, I have started a few different characters but its always the same issues multiple crashes on the boat and then after i have finished that it set on crashing in that spot, i have sent countless crash reports to the devs and still no help at all. Seem to have run out of options here and not sure what else to do, i have tried to refund the game until this issue has been addressed but im no longer able to get one due to having too much play time. Any suggestions on what to do?