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Regarding chess:
Sure, that is strategy too, but in the end it is pretty boring. There are hardly ever real surprises, because the core game play means thinking several turns ahead and evaluating the most likely outcome of the next turns. Memorising all the typical high special moves/openings helps even more, but you won't have to need to think of a Plan B because the Plan A action failed, so hardly any need to improvise and hardly any suspense. Chess master can predict outcomes several turns in advance?

Even a deterministic game with complete information will often go beyond a player's prediction if the game tree is complex enough, since it's impossible to memorize and calculate all details and the player has to rely on some rough generalizations. If a plan is bad, the player probably won't find it immediately, but he could find it after several turns and need to improvise. So I don't think this delta of randomness thing is necessary for a fun strategy game.