Don't want to have endless quotes but basically qwerty3w and Draba yeah I hear you on resource management stuff. I can see now how people wouldn't like that aspect.

I guess maybe what they want is that feeling where a player should feel rewarded for not taking something others didn't, you know? Imagine you're playing with buddies and you got an insane weapon in a barrel for someone else. Pretty cool when you give it to them.

That puddle of water weapon was a good one though. Admittedly the game does lack that feeling. Like when you get Carsomyr from Firkraag in Baldur's Gate 2, you know this thing is badass and it's always going to be badass. If you didn't cheese Firkraag it felt incredibly rewarding as well.

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There are less meaningful choices, removes a lot of depth.
In most systems there are inevitably better and worse choices, but "pump mainstat every level" is something I'd expect from a browser game.

Do you have an example of an RPG where this is better? Outside of DOS I mean.

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Agree 100% and this is FACTUALLY the truth about this game whoever denies this is a fanboy PERIOD.

And you forgot to mention how broken is lucky charm and thievery (the broken shit that this fanboys are using and then saying the game is fine, pathetic maggots seriously).

You quote the whole OP and then you come up with this gem. Good grief...

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Even a deterministic game with complete information will often go beyond a player's prediction if the game tree is complex enough, since it's impossible to memorize and calculate all details and the player has to rely on some rough generalizations. If a plan is bad, the player probably won't find it immediately, but he could find it after several turns and need to improvise. So I don't think this delta of randomness thing is necessary for a fun strategy game.

Well put. Chess doesn't have as many variables as DOS2.

In any case to even reach that level in chess you have to sit there constantly similar games and moves or you have to study and practice the hell out of it.

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