Here i am criticizing mass market dimwits for their influence on this genre over years... and immediately two extreme examples jump in not only to confirm everything i said but to push it into even greater absurdity and unbelievable retardation.

Gameplay quality of any game is depend on the limits of memory and calculation.

This is one of the most idiotic proclamations about gaming i have ever seen. And ive been around.

Its hard to even imagine an answer to this, since nothing reasonable or logical can ever even come close to penetrating such a humongous amount of retardation and stupidity.

Maybe someone should bash your skull in with a hammer or otherwise critically damage your brain and then you will enjoy every game as best one ever. There will be no end to most amazing games for you.

memento gaming... ffs...

For a game with randomness, if you memorized the optimal strategies in all conditions, all there left is mere gambling.

First of all there is no randomness in RPG games. There are probabilities and chances, not randomness. The fact you are apparently too stupid to understand the difference doesnt change this.

And there is also no "memorization of optimal strategies in all conditions either" - thats only done in games for retards you usually enjoy. Because such games are so superficial and dumbed down that usually you quickly figure out one optimal approach to all of the gameplay and then repeat the same thing over and over like a good pavlovian doggie.

Such games are BAD games. And such RPGs are utter crap.
and thats what you want to play, apparently...

In an RPG a player learns to use limited options of his chosen character build slowly, first by using only one or two skills in easiest encounters and quests during early levels, then slowly increases the number of skills while progressing and leveling up through slowly increasing complexity of gameplay - thus you gradually learn to use a limited amount of capabilities or skills of your character build.

You can learn an optimal TACTICS for your specific build, but even then in good RPGs you have to adjust to different encounters and quests, but you are never EVER required to "learn all optimal strategies for all possible conditions".

The enjoyment in gameplay comes from learning and figuring out different combinations and options, NOT from being a brain damaged imbecile who cannot remember how to play.

D:OS 2's combat part is a strategy game, and it has far more elements than chess.

Who said anything about chess?
And no, RPGs have elements of strategic gameplay but their core is tactical and character driven gameplay.

It can certainly be done in a way that would give a good player surprises without randomness, especially if the enemies AI use some machine learning or fuzzy logic.

What the fuck are you talking about? What machine learning, what fuzzy logic? Is that something that exists?
And how would that remove "randomness" - which doesnt exist as such in RPG games?

The sentences that keep falling out of your head are not logically connected to each other.

Just semantics.

Yes, different genres and gameplay mechanics are "just semantics".

Is there a game where you don't need to have good memory of what's what in order to do well at the game?

There is no game where quality of gameplay is dependent on being too retarded and stupid to remember basic mechanics or options you have, except maybe in your world.

Thats an entirely different matter then the fact you naturally have to remember and understand basic mechanics and options, but i guess you cannot comprehend that.