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It can certainly be done in a way that would give a good player surprises without randomness, especially if the enemies AI use some machine learning or fuzzy logic.

What the fuck are you talking about? What machine learning, what fuzzy logic? Is that something that exists?
And how would that remove "randomness" - which doesnt exist as such in RPG games?
The sentences that keep falling out of your head are not logically connected to each other.

Well, any talk is gibberish if you don't understand it. Randomness in English includes concepts like uncertainty, probability and chance, especially when the context is about game mechanics. Strategy Game and Tactical Game are often used interchangeably, Frozen Synapse call itself a turn based strategy game, for example. Tactical RPG like X-COM and Fire Emblem are often considered strategy games too.

With more gameplay elements it's easier to design combat in a way to make it hard to predict in advance without randomness, but then the predictability of AI behaviours would become a more evident problem. Better make sure the player can't beat the same enemies twice using exactly the same strategy.