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Here i am criticizing mass market dimwits for their influence on this genre over years... and immediately two extreme examples jump in not only to confirm everything i said but to push it into even greater absurdity and unbelievable retardation.

Every time I see you post it's like you have a giant dump inside you which you can't get out. Difficult to take anything you say seriously as a result.

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My preferred solution would be some kind of resistance system(possibly tied to armor percentage), where hard disables always work but duration can be reduced a lot.
They could last for <1 turn, by removing some AP from the target and bumping its initiative down(for the next turn if it already finished its move).
The reduction can be either deterministic or chance-based.

I like this one.

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For me an example of a good stat system would be Fallout's SPECIAL and the perks/skills/traits that tie into it(1-2 and tactics, NOT the Bethesda ones).
Even that does have some hard and fast rules but it's very involved and interesting.

Fallout is a nice example I guess. Although in Fallout 1 + 2, if I remember correctly (it's been a while), you only have combat interaction through weapons, there are much less surfaces and there is no higher/lower ground.

DOS2 could get pretty nuts if you start to add in more factors. I think the complexity would increase exponentially with each layer you add. Adding more depth to primary attributes could make the game insanely amazing, or it could just break it. At any rate, I'd be curious to know what the actual logic was that Larian used.