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I'm surprised you can still breathe without a respirator, but you don't see me writing posts about that.

You actually just did write a post about that. Way to go cheer

As for the original topic I think you are way too dramatic and negative and treat minor issues as huge problems, but they really aren't. Also, most of the stuff you mention can be modded.

The AI does dumb things at times, welcome to video games, but more often than not the AI surprises me with challenging moves. "Retarded" is certainly not the right word for it.
Attributes: I don't see your problem. They give small boosts that add up over time. Nothing wrong with that.
Memory is one of my favorites. It can change the playstyle completely. It's not tax, it's a great choice to have.
Initiative: I agree. The way it works is stupid.
Talents: The talents are cool. Sure some are stronger for minmaxing, but not every player minmaxes. There are loads of people who play this game to roleplay. They want to play the grenade throwing dwarf, no matter if there are better minmax-choices. Check out any pen & paper game and you will see the same thing there.
Binary outcomes: I think the system works well. It makes combat more strategic and you can plan much better how to go about it. Definitely better than the RNG system from DOS1.

Overall I believe that you create a lot of fuss and big words about minor things. I'm having such a blast with this game - coop and solo - and I find it weird to see such a long article filled with negativity and drama.

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