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I know this wasn't your exact point and you were more about the RNG but they are related in that they seemed to cherry pick multiple design strategies and smush them all together, but not necessarily in the most coherent way. I think a couple of patches will resolve the issue, IMHO. It is not as "we r DOMED!1!!" as many are making it out to be.

I do not think using RNG and stat inflation are parts of different design strategies or are inherently incompatible. That said, I agree the stats are kinda silly and hate JPRGs with a burning passion smile

The question is, does the dev team even perceive the current state as something to fix? I'm not sure the people who want even basic combat balancing are a significant portion of the playerbase, going by the steam reviews people are playing the game as a roamer and do not care.

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Attributes: I don't see your problem. They give small boosts that add up over time. Nothing wrong with that.
Talents: The talents are cool. Sure some are stronger for minmaxing, but not every player minmaxes. There are loads of people who play this game to roleplay. They want to play the grenade throwing dwarf, no matter if there are better minmax-choices. Check out any pen & paper game and you will see the same thing there.

As I mentioned earlier nowadays I play RPGs for the combat.
From my perspective removing attributes and giving a fixed % damage increase + some memory slots would be practically the same as the current system, there is no depth to it.
It's not even "min-maxing" in the munchkin sense, after spending 30 minutes to go through game mechanics it's obvious what's THE way to use stats(sameish for talents, there are maybe 1-2 picks that could be something else).
Simply put, current combat isn't interesting or challenging for me(a step down from OS:EE, that was imbalanced but still fun).

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