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I know this wasn't your exact point and you were more about the RNG but they are related in that they seemed to cherry pick multiple design strategies and smush them all together, but not necessarily in the most coherent way. I think a couple of patches will resolve the issue, IMHO. It is not as "we r DOMED!1!!" as many are making it out to be.

I do not think using RNG and stat inflation are parts of different design strategies or are inherently incompatible. That said, I agree the stats are kinda silly and hate JPRGs with a burning passion smile

The question is, does the dev team even perceive the current state as something to fix? I'm not sure the people who want even basic combat balancing are a significant portion of the playerbase, going by the steam reviews people are playing the game as a roamer and do not care.

That is the problem:


People that just outright lie to themselves and everyone else (devs included) about how marvelous their game is and how it is perfect in every aspect.

They just end up destroying franchises.

Thing is that people who you call fanboys might just be people who are extremely happy with the game. You can't seem to accept that. They enjoy the game, they roleplay their character, they have fun! Just watch any Lets Play to see how much fun they have.
To me this is the best RPG I have been playing in at least the last 5 years. In the case of DOS2 you would even have to call every professional game reviewer a fanboy.

People that write in this forum make up maybe 0.0005% of all DOS2 players (I'm guessing here). That is not a big representation of players. Most of the DOS2 players are actually playing the game. They are having a blast while we are here discussing what's right or wrong with the game.

Of course a lot of people that you find here on this forum are the negative ones because otherwise they would be playing the game instead of writing. The majority of players though really really enjoys the game. If this is all a fanboys conspiracy then same can be said on this forum about the naysayers and people who seek negativity in everything they do. I am feeling sorry for those.

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