Please keep the shiny glowing effect on items, places, secrets, etc., that are illuminated when it is spotted by a character until a player interacts with it.

My suggestion would be: Keep the sparkly illumination effect on whatever was spotted until the character interacts with it. So many times you are walking through an area and a character says "I've spotted something interesting!" Only to find out after searching frantically that they actually spotted something outside of place they are located in.

For example the Inn in Driftwood. If you go back to the cooks area and walk around you will get the notification. However, it is not inside. It is actually outside and there is nothing in game to actually let me know that it was spotted outside. My guess this is a bug and not actually intended. But my point still stands. The effect on the spotted items lasts a few seconds, and if it is small like a button for example you can be searching for a long long long time.

Anyways these forums are really busy these days and I doubt this will be read, but one can hope.


Also it has been 2 weeks and my collector's edition is still not here and is still sitting in Germany, on the other side of the planet.