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The Divinity games have always been not very mechanically polished but great for having tons of nonrepetitive contents to explore. Since Divine Divinity it has basically been Larian's game development style. The players should have expected that for D:OS 2 too.

I really don't know what you mean by this. Div OS1 had some of the best mechanical polish of any crpg I've ever played. I can't even find a game that holds a candle to it. So it make perfect sense why people are disappointed that Div OS2 was watered down significantly.

That being said I think that irregardless of what you think is or should be changed, you have to agree that some effects need to penetrate armor. Even something simple like making an enemy bleed fire surfaces needs to have armor removed to be applied, and by that point hard CC is miles better. I really want these softer skills to have a place, and they need to get through armors to do that.