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I really don't know what you mean by this. Div OS1 had some of the best mechanical polish of any crpg I've ever played. I can't even find a game that holds a candle to it. So it make perfect sense why people are disappointed that Div OS2 was watered down significantly.

Some complaints I heard:
Stealing and Crafting should have been more interesting, self-made items are too powerful.
Sneaking is almost always worse than invisibility skills.
Bartering and lucky charm have very little effects, and it's tedious to switch to your looter for looting or move items and money to your barterer.
Persuading has a rock paper scissor mini-game, annoying if the player really want a certain outcome, and it doesn't scale well, 11 points for each win is no different than 6.
Item repairing is really tedious.
Traits pressure the player to make certain role-playing choices for character builds.
In the vanilla version, breaking a chest would lead to content loss, why they removed that in EE?
Strength/dexterity/intelligence are bland and discourage hybrid builds, though not completely invalidate them. Perception is too weak.
Talents are quite unbalanced, Hyperopia acutally lead to less accuracy in long range.
Too much hard CC spells, grenades, arrows. Smoke is too effective against long range enemies.
Lack of synergies between earth-fire and water-air. It would be great if steam cloud was more useful, for example.

You are completely right in the case of balance, divinity 1 OS was not so, even in the enhanced edition. However, it is a single player game, Balance can be secondary to making different things feel interesting and varied. Its ok that my cool bard multiclass character is slightly less effective than what is the most "combat effective". Not only would I not know what's the best until I tried both or looked it up on a wiki (which you shouldn't do anyway), I have plenty of fun with both.

When I say mechanical polish in divinity, I don't mean every option is just as good as any other to a T. I mean the systems in place are well made, reward creative play, and are satisfying to use. I don't think any CRPG is 100% balanced, nor do I think they should be.