There's nothing wrong with what he said... it does remove a large (not all) portion of RNG from combat so that the focus isn't trying to get "20% chance to knockdown" or "50% chance to freeze" on attacks to "is resisted until X armor is broken".

Armor has 2 benefits OP.

The first is it's a debuff guard, and allows you to resist physical debuffs and some less physical ones like poison or decay or disease.
The second is that it's a physical health buffer, and absorbs most physical damage as a guard before you can take actual health damage. Additionally, you can increase total armor/magic armor far more readily than you can regular health, as well as heal yourself while maintaining armor/physical armor.

A practical use of armor would be this:

You get into a fight with a mage, a rogue, and a warrior. The warrior needs to take 2 whole turns to get to you, and you kill the mage after 1 turn and the rogue is still beating on you. The mage remove all your magical armor, and does some health damage as a result, but you still have half your physical armor by the time the warrior gets in range of you.
Since you still have your physical armor, the warrior cannot put any of his debuffs on you while you kill the rogue, and the warrior uses some of his abilities with debuffs trying to drop your armor, putting those abilities on cooldown. So by the time you kill the mage and the rogue, you have no armor or magic armor, but the warrior couldn't cripple you, taunt you, or knock you down while you had armor up.

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