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Can someone please explain if I'm missing something that makes it good?

There is nothing good about it. It is a terrible system that complete destroys the need for any strategic planning.

This is the case because there is only 1 strategy required:
- max your dps on 1 armor type until it is gone
- chain cc until it is dead

That's it. Anyone who talks about more strategy, or creating the need for a diverse party is an example of someone who has no idea what they are talking about. If you do anything other than the 2 steps above you are gimping yourself.

A physical only focused group destroys this game with ease.
A magic only focused group destroys this game with ease.

To anyone who gets it, the combat is dumbed down so drastically that it is tedious and boring unless you intentionally gimp your party to artificially create a challenge.

DOS1 combat has it's flaws but this system is not a fix in any way shape or form. 100% success for CC was too easy to get in that game. Simple solutions, cap CC chances significantly below 100% and disable save scumming. Now your decisions actually matter. Is it worth spending 2 AP on a cc that may not work? You actually will have to make a decision and weigh the benefits.

Now, we have no decisions needed. They have armor -> Max dps. They have no armor -> CC.

That is the exact opposite of strategy being needed.

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