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Thanks for all your replies!

I'll be using mods that remove most of the armour system as well as reducing the stat bloat (I hate having 20k health when having 2000 would do the job as well).

I rage quit initially when I set up for an encounter, rain, attacked, lightning the pool, and every one of their melee characters run through the huge pool, and were in amongst my guys..

I much preferred the stat points from dos 1 that increased the percentage to resist. Made you focus on tactics, as well as building your characters better in resisting stuff, rather than just getting the biggest armour..

I dunno.. I've been so hyped for dos 2 and feel really sad about how I'm not loving it as much as the first frown

I think you have gotten some really good feedback in this thread.

I've been pondering the armor system intensively, mostly by the discussion fueled on this forum.

I am just finishing Act 1, so I really have no opinion on the entire game yet. However, from an act 1 perspective only, the new armor system is better for me.

I don't think the armor system is a perfect solution; I can understand the arguments against it. But I think the armor system they created was in response to the lack of difficulty past level 10 in the first game.

By level 10 in DOS1, I had near full resists and the game was too easy. I mean walk into a fight, crowd control, kill everything, fight over.

I am hoping the new armor system is addressing the decreased replay-ability issue that DOS1 had.

Also, as a die hard Diablo fan, I don't see how these two games are that much alike. Fantasy rpg, yes. Outside of that I am just not seeing it. Again, I haven't been past Act 1 yet, so that opinion could change. The stat inflation I am hearing about does sound like diablo to me. I hope that's not true for this game, because I use Diablo to fulfill a different type of gamer in me.

My opinion on the two games:
Diablo - Get powerful, kill as fast as possible, get the best loot, climb the leaderboard, go brain dead and zone out completely

DOS1&2 - Explore, role-play, complete quests, crafting, modding, thinking about combat and skills, immersing myself in a fantasy world away from my responsibilities as an adult

These are just my current opinions of course. They're highly likely to change as I progress in the game and think on it some more. horsey

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