Finished my first play with a 2handed Necro-Warfare Lizard. That was fun.

Now I'm trying a grenadier build, fighting almost exclusively with traps (pyro), explosives (scoundrel toybomb) and grenades.
Almost all my actions cost only 1AP and I move around the battlefield with relative ease, thanks to scoundrel + huntsman skills, always trying to reach heights to proc the Huntsman bonus%

It's really hard to play in ACT1 and the begining of ACT2, but now that I'm at the end of ACT2, I have enough money to buy more grenades and throw some explosions/effect in every fights.

This build is incredibly weak and costly, but it's a ton of fun.

I can't wait to finish this campaign to try Baardvark's modded classes (bard and artificer)

Sauce Hunter