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It's a bit funny to read people complaining about the bad new armor system with the evil removal of randomness fun while at the same time mourning the loss of the good old times of getting 100% resists.

It's a different system and wether you like it or not is personal bias. I could live with the old, I prefer the new one.

So far I like the new system better overall, but can totally see people on all sides. To me it seems more refined, like a Fantasy XCom take on it. The DOS1 system was a system of excess, cool in its own way to, but so many big options over and over, the gluttony system. I like how Init works as well, much more reasonable switching turns between player/AI. The old system too many times was all or nothing.

For people playing DOS2 that haven't played DOS1, the differences in combat are real and gives the games a different feel, DOS1 isn't just a different story, it's a more a wild west take on combat.

So for those not wanting the armor part of this. Are we thinking, whatever is removed from armor, add that to overall Vitality? I can totally see that to and that alone would be a different play through, cc affects become a thing from the start.

Man I see several play-through experiences:
1. All the main chars.
2. Coop.
3. 6 man team mod.
4. 1 man team mod.
5. Different game mechanic mods. (Low scaling mods, no armor mods etc)

The modding and the scene is way ahead of where it was at last time around.

I think this could be the new pinnacle point for fantasy crpg's.

Good times ahead.

We need to devise a way to test our changes out throughout the entire game. Right now we have some pretty sweeping change mods out, but there is no real certainty how these play out from start to finish, unless you play the entire game out.

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