I'd like to throw in my two cents about random chance and what it means for a game like divinity.

In an RPG, especially one like divinity, the game is about going into the unknown, and taking what comes to you. There should always be an element of danger to combat, a lucky strike leaving you floored out of nowhere, a miss leaving you in a bad spot, things that make you look at the computer for a few minutes to consider your options. RNG adds this to a game, plain and simple.

Divinity 2 has seemingly gone on the war path against random numbers though, offence and defense ratings are out and miss change is very seldom encountered. But I feel like they are trying to direct the game into a path more suited for a multiplayer game than a crpg. In Dos1, when your CC failed when you thought you had a high chance, or you missed the critical shot, a true RPG player would savor the tension. The thoughts and tough choices they had to make in that moment being enjoyable experiences unique to this kind of game. The playerbase that div 2's changes seem to be directed to are different, however. People who, put in the same situation, would throw their hands in that air, proclaim "This is bullshit!", and reload a quicksave they made 10 seconds prior.

In a turn based game, reacting to bad situations getting worse and savoring when everything goes right are equal parts of what makes it enjoyable, and I feel div 2 removed half of that with gutting almost all RNG.