After having endured many of your posts on this forum, Zherot, here are a few suggestions:

1.) Find another game to play. Judging from your posts on this forum it is very obvious that you really really hate this game, so maybe it's best for you to move on. Other fathers also have beautiful daughters.

2.) Learn how to mod. The things you keep hammering on with your posts on this forum can all be modded.

3.) Download some mods. Oups, why make it hard if it can be easy...modding yourself is too much work, right? So here's the the funny thing: Most of what you criticize has ALREADY been addressed by mods on the Workshop. Two weeks after launch! Lucky you.

4.) Go and make your own game. You probably won't do that, but this one would probably help you the most. Create your own game. If you do you will soon realize how much work and effort it takes to actually make something that has value to others. You will learn that you cannot please everyone, especially not the Zherots of this world.

5.) Go and see a psychiatrist. I don't want to be personal here, but many - actually most - of your posts contain insults, hatred or other forms of negativity. A lot of them look like this: "What I say is factually true and everyone who says otherwise is a stupid fanboy." Now it could theoretically be that you are right. However, there is also the possibility that you are just delusional and living in your own little world of sadness and misery. A good way to find out would be to see a psychiatrist.

Just some suggestions. Take them or leave them.

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