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Hey guys,

So heaps of reviews are saying the game is amazing (which is it), but the way armour blocks a ton of stuff (mainly cc mages), really annoys me. It makes me feel like I need to focus magic dealing otherwise it's just useless?

I feel that it's harder to have a mixed team, and not in a good way.

Can someone please explain if I'm missing something that makes it good?

In D:OS1 a lot of various CC and debuff effects had a chance to occur, which was very frustrating RNG at times both ways, you could have been utterly gutted with a pure RNG CC rolling on and shitting on your parade or reverse - all your control planning failed because your CC/stuff simply would not land.

This caused a lot of reloads just because your carefully constructed house of cards could have been ruined by simple RNG and there was a lot of it.

I find this armor system to be a big improvement simply because you can now plan around with more consistent experience, you can plan your control chain and you can also plan your defenses too, instead of praying for RNG CC sticking/not sticking depending on which side you are.

Other than that I like that armor provides a cushion against small annoying damage that caused you in first game to waste time healing up. It's a convenience.

Now, I am not here claiming it is best mechanic ever, but it is an improvement, in my opinion. The problem with it is that "classic" mixed fighter/magic groups suffer somewhat, but honestly the game outside first zone and a half is not that difficult even on tactician - you eventually snowball so hard that you end up stomping things almost with any composition and it ends up something like a difference between you killing a chunk of the enemy force turn 1 or you messing around a bit and killing them anyway in the end.

For D:OS3 or whatever it will be called, I'd stay with armor system, but make some sort of adjustments to encourage mixed teams more.