Of that list,

1-Armor system.
2-Attributes are a husk of what they were.
4-AP limit.
5-Turn order.

Those are the items that stick out the most to me as changes I don't really care for. That being said, I don't find the D:OS2 unfun, I just prefer how D:OS handled these. I'd be happy if those items could all be fixed with a mod, even if the base game never changes back to D:OS style.

I know the AP cap can be changed, and I know that mods can remove armor. What I don't know is if the old percentage style CC effect system could be modded back in, nor if attributes can be changed so they have more similar bonuses to what we saw in D:OS1 (for example, is it possible to replicate how constitution used to raise maximum AP or implement speed which then would raise turn / recover AP?)

I'm pretty sure, based on what others have said, the initiative isn't moddable. It would be nice if that changed in a future update.