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this feels very melodramatic

you can criticize a game in all of these ways, but it's weird to behave as though the developers came to your house and poured milk on your family just because some things weren't done to your liking

Well, it is somewhat angry, but the example of them coming out of the blue and pouring milk on his family is sillier. He probably spent full price for the game like the rest of us, and expected... more?

That being said, I do hope that some of these issues make it through to the dev team, Larien is a studio I hold dear because they make the games many do not. But if they continue on the path of simplifying mechanics and dumbing things down, they will become like any other game dev. If that ever happens, I will take my business elsewhere.

we all spent full price for the game and we all have our criticisms. it doesn't mean that the game is bad, or that people are "fanboys" for enjoying them despite its flaws. it also doesn't warrant this overly impassioned response

i understand being passionate about improving a game made by a developer you've grown to respect, but this thread's tone more frames these issues as a personal attack against a customer rather than design choices you don't appreciate. moreover, it reflects poorly on the thread creator when any and all criticism of his behaviour is met with hostile responses and accusations of bland fanboyism, and doesn't promote any kind of discussion

there are a lot of threads that i've read on this forum already which address all of these issues (and more) in ways that at the very least promote discussion from people who expect different things of a game like this. a thread like this in which everyone who disagrees or points out the latent hostility doesn't do this

I love when this people see stuff with one hand on their eyes so they only see what they want.

In no way in my post i made any personal attacks to anyone or the developers i made an honest list of everything that is wrong in the game and listed also many threads that support this list.

Then these people came and both tried to dismiss my post by using personal attacks and hyperbolized comments about what i said just like you are doing right now with your comment trying to make myself the agressor (which is false) but you don't say anything about the other people comments that came directly to attack myself instead of talking about the topic.

If you are not going to talk bout the topic but my persona then leave you are not welcome.