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Making money is terrible but you will see, and Source you will agree too when you find out that skills that were normally used in the first game now require source, remember meteor shower or any of those powerful magics?, they now requiere source, enjoy.

Money making is ridiculously easy and Source is great exactly because of what you said.

In D:OS1 I was spamming those Meteor Showers like no tomorrow for how powerful it was.

In my opinion spells of this caliber is simply not something you are supposed to use on every pack of rag tag bandits and shit and Source acting as a limiter accomplishes that fine, IMO.

On the matter of physical being the thing, I think it's because of scaling with weapons, which should be tamed a bit, things do start getting out of hand quickly at level 16+ and by level 20 you simply do ridiculous shit with basic attacks. Really, I'd go ahead and say they should cut weapon damage scaling by 35% if not more at these levels.

D:OS1 2h balls to the wall speccing and rangers were not kittens either and 1 decent onslaught from a buffed to the teeth 2h guy could oneshot minibosses, but that was like pump all the buffs in one guy and let it loose, here if you do this you will take out half the enemy force.

But well, snowballing to godhood is sort of D:OS thing it seems, in both games you start as a scavenger bottom feeder and end up steamrolling everything. Maybe D:OS3 will fix the curve a bit there.

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