I made an account to do two things, tonight.

To petition Larian to add custom sound resource support to the DE2, and to tell everyone that three years later, this post is still being read. And here are my thoughts.

Just because something is hard work does not make you entitled to compensation for it. The modding community is, and always has been, about sharing ideas, stories, narratives, keeping the lifeblood of a game whose heart has slowed flowing, out of mutual passion. Capitalism has no place there.

It was mentioned how UDK has free assets. Yeah, and you know what we call games that use the bare-bones assets? Asset Flips. And they do not have a good reputation. They say "I wanted to do the bare minimum effort, and I expect your hard earned money for that." That kind of shit has RUINED Steam, so we can all just look at that fucking mess when we want to remind ourselves why we do this shit for the joy of it, and not to make a quick buck.

Also, there are a fair few well known modders out there that have systems set up through Patreon, so if people want to donate, they can. If you don't think your work will be good enough that people would seek out your Patreon, take the time to donate, and give up their cash to you of their OWN volition, then your mod is shit anyway. And a shitty mod made to give someone else a laugh is FAR more respectable than a shitty mod with a price tag.

And if the thread would please take a look out the left hand window, we see Bethesda's Creation Club, a paid mod service currently in full swing that has a tenth as many likes as it does dislikes on it's announcement video. That's going absolutely awfully.

Modding is not game dev. Game dev is game dev, and that industry has been ruined by people that are more interested in skimming a buck than creating something. Keep that shit quarantined on Steam.