When I started Act 2 I was playing blind, so I took my time, explored, and had fun. Tarquin wasn't at stonegarden by the time I got there, he was on the Vengeance. As a result, I never got 'All in the Family'. So now here I am, at the end of Act 2, with the Unusual Blade and Unusual Hilt, and Tarquin won't even acknowledge their existence.

I'm doing a two handed playthrough, so I really don't want to progress and miss out on this item.

Hoping a patch is at least in the works to resolve broken quests (like say, add quests when you find pieces of them, or at least a dialogue option to start them with some info?), or if not I'm hoping the game has a console and there's just some command I can use to enable the quest for myself? That'd probably turn off achievements, but I can live with that if I can enjoy my game the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.