Consistency from the armour system really allow you to come up with more creative battle. The sad part is that there's a very limited amount of fights like that in the game. Larian failed to take advantage of a modern system that allows for much better scripted battles.

The easiest one being the final boss fight of Act 1. You have a bunch of hard enemies to deal with and sudden spawn of the 3rd faction that everyone must defeat. The map layout also allow you to be creative. That's the kind of scripted fight we need more in the game.

The armour system is fine. Lack of variety in combat is the main issue created by lack of creative skills and interactive battles. There's not a single time in the game you get to use the Balista they showcased. Man, imagine if there's a proper Kraken battle on the sea where you have to keep killing the adds it spawn and use balista to damage it while getting buffed by Lady Vengeance.

TOO BAD IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. When your entire gameplay is all about using the same attacks and strat, people will just find an easy target to complain about and atm, it's the armor system because that's where the strat of the entire game stems from. As there's only 1 strat in this game, enjoy using your most damaging combo to beat 99% of the fight.

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