On the above, I think that tunneling tactic is just a bit too effective and NPCs seem to not have ways to deal with it effectively enough, that's why you can focus and nuke down biggest threats there are first turn or two in the fight after which it's cake. I do think NPCs should have more tools and abilities to prevent this, like using repositioning tools to get away instead of just closing gap 100% of the time and there should be more NPC enchanter/cleric pure buff/defense types with a lot of shields and HP that can save the guys that get focused.

And each NPC should have some sort of combo breaker ability that gives it a turn of grace.

All that may be annoying, but right now nuke shit down in two turns simply infallible tactic just because there is not much there that can prevent it. Maybe damage output from players needs to be toned down at higher levels, especially pure melee teams which are just unstoppable. I'd slash player melee damage 40% really to begin with, because it really gets out of hand level 15+ and makes any sort of tactic aside nuke shit down a waste of time.