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The system can be changed so that everyone is satisfied.
Personally, I also like the idea of ​​protection from control. But this realization is horror and nightmare.
The problem is that the protection is too powerful. It protects from damage, and from control. and even from different types of damage!
If you make one type of defense, combining the mage and fiz, add a chance pass depending on how much protection the target has left, plus remove the defense against damage - there will be an ideal system.

For example, what now:
The enemy has 200 health, 100 defense, 300 magic shields. In total, you get 300 health from physical attacks, and 500 health from magical attacks.
Thus, in a group of bow, warrior and two magicians, only warriors will beat him. Two people from the group can just go drinking tea.
In the system I proposed, there will be:
600 health, and 400 protection against control. Protection from control decreases with damage, but does not protect against damage. Thus, any damage damages both protection and health. So the group from the magic and physical damage will be full.

Further. it turns out that if the goal of 600 health is 100%, then no control will work on it.
If the health falls to 400 (which means 200 protection remains), there will be a 50% chance of passing the controls.
And with a drop in health to 200, the chance of passing control is 100%.

That is, in fact, nothing will change except that groups with different types of damage will be as effective as groups with one type of damage.
While now groups with one type of damage are times more efficient than mixed groups.

It will reduce to the same, by the point you got rid of that protection you mat aswell just kill the enemy, this will keep making CC useless.

The ideas i proposed in this thread are more acceptable: