I think three main things make combat a bit tedious, at least for me :

Turn robin initiative BS + 4 ap starter + armors

- First you need to destroy armors. So every cc spells are useless, and you don't want to waste them.

- You only have 4 ap at the start of a combat. And no cc. So you will nearly always begin by the same combo (summoner is a lot of time if not everytime totem+incarnate, at least during early game). 4 ap is tedious really.

- So you can't use cc AND you can only do... let say 2 actions, if only you don't need to move. To finish this mess, you can't really combo with your team, because of the turn robin thing --> ok, you can combo with 1 toon, but come on, combo between teammates was fun. Now, if you let say put some oil on the ground, the enemy will be out of it when it's the turn of your pyro guy.

Oh, and no physical damages reduction is a bit silly. I mean we are talking about a game with crazy weapon scaling, and crazy spells like overpower, on top of that melee just deal pure damages. And poor spells...