The funny thing though is that they are already more than viable even without those debuffs as long as you don't try to shoot a fireball into a flaming witch.

The biggest issue mages really face is that they suck in Act 1 and suddenly spike into god hood at the start of Act 2 around level 10. Them sucking for 10 levels because they don't have Elemental Talent and Sov magical crit talent while having extremely weak level 1 to 5 scaling is what needs fixing more than the Armor system. The first impression you get from that level 1 to 5 will make you not want to test them out at all at level 10+ and just label them as useless although they no longer are. They can even go tanky and high crit because of how the itemization work and that's a massive advantage.

If they want more people to feel like mage are useful from the beginning, make the surface -AP cost a thing for every magical skill instead of making it a talent and fix the pisspoor level 1 to 5 damage scaling. I guarantee you once these fixes are in, the amount of "Mages are so weak" complaints will barely exist because the major source of complaints come from people trying mages out in Act 1 while all the defense come from people that actually try the mages out in Act 2 and 3.

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