I'm just posting to report that I'm on my second playthrough, on Tactician this time, and still having quite a bit of fun with it. It's far from perfect, but it's still a very enjoyable game for me.

For hilarity's sake, I'm going to address each of these ten points in order.

1) Armor system is shallow, but a decent idea. Needs further development, and to not block non-control debuffs.
2) Attributes are straight-forward, but still serve their purpose well. Wits is lackluster, but other than that it's fine for me. Not particularly complex, but not bad.
3) Memory system is an aspect of the attribute system, so addressing it separately is simply padding the list. Still, I don't mind it at all. The idea of choosing whether to bolster how many skills you can memorize or your pure functionality isn't a bad idea.
4) The concept of an AP limit is fine, and I like the idea that you can't just store up two full turns of AP. I would like to see a fifth attribute that interacts with AP, similar to OS1.
5) Turn order doesn't bother me at all, in terms of mechanics. I think it could be better explained, and I think the Wits attribute is devalued by the system, but the concept of round-robin turns is fine. Even the edge cases I've seen are still fine; they mean that you might not always be best off killing a foe, but that's just another decision to make.
----besides, if the game is really as simple as Zherot claims, surely, the edge cases don't matter? Just kill everything with damage and move on smile
6) I ended my first run of the game with over 200,000 gold I didn't need. I was buying literally anything I needed. I had one thief, but gave up my thieving by the beginning of Act 3. I had no points invested in Lucky Charm. If there were more ways to make money, they might as well have the merchants tossing whatever we need in our bags as we walk by.
7) I agree with this completely. Dodging is a poor substitute for physical resistance, and causes physical damage to be superior in many circumstances.
8) Why should we be the only ones to know about our opponents? Yes, the enemy knowing about our weaknesses makes things more difficult, but before I cast any spell on my first run I knew exactly what resistances everyone had, what effects they were immune to.... I hate computer opponents that cheat, but I have the same ability so I don't see it as cheating.
9) Source as a mechanic is fine. The balance of Source spells is questionable, but there's nothing wrong with having a limited-resource ability. (I've seen comments about just corpse hunting, but that assumes you're willing to either ignore the story or consume spirits to power your spells; I was not willing to do either, so I restricted myself to source pools, fountains, and servants of the black ring whose spirits would survive anyways).
10) Are you upset about the talents or the number of points? I think number of points is fine, but the talents themselves are all over the place. Some are practically essential, others are completely worthless. If they were all worthwhile, the number of points would be sufficient to let you pick up those talents you wanted to define a character but not enough to get whatever you wanted. As it is, you just grab the few good talents for your build and move on.

I will not respond any further, so I leave this post here for the OP to insult. Since he seems to be personally offended at the idea of anyone actually enjoying this game, there should be plenty here for him to scream about smile