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Again I appreciate everyone's input.. But I feel there still isn't any compelling argument for the armour system.. I don't agree with people saying it helps against cc and increases tactics because I ferl it limits your options as a bunch of abilities are blocked while armour is up. I hadn't considered that it was maybe implemented due to pvp.

Also, what is your feelings about the constant sprouting of blood in melee that increases the status on the floor? Do you think it's over the top?

I'm not sure what you'd like to hear. There is this armor system of different armor protecting against different weapons till it's gone, also used in some space battle games, and the armor mitigating damage plus resists plus random effects.

The second system we are used to from diverse games. It is mostly garbage from a look how armor works in reality, if you are hit with a sword in the lower belly, your plate armor does not take out 5 of 8 points damage to yours guts. Usually it is "deflect or hole in the body". The armor-till-it's-gone is not much better, armor is not diminished part after part in reality, it is holed.

In games both systems have their merits. If you don't like the current system, it's ok. But it is like it is in this game. It removes a lot of randomness above all, that's it.

The views of DOS1 sound a bit like unrealistic nostalgia. Hard to imagine this allgedly extremely better system was in a game often said to have become very boring relatively soon because of no-difficulty-after-x.

Sometimes I have the feeling many posters are playing partly different games. One wrote, in DOS1 you had to decide to buff or cc or damage, in DOS2 it's only damage, the rest is useless. That's not entirely true because buffs do count, sometimes a lot. Ok, you cannot CC iimediately (hmm, unless you use oil, but let's avoid it), so damage it is. Until the armor is gone.

That does not mean that no decisions and tactics have to be made. They differ sometimes from the decisions of the first game, partly they are only to be made later. For example to focus or the recuce armor on more than one foe to CC earlier? The decisions in the other system are not better or more interesting, just partly different.

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