There are several issues with the combat in this game, hopefully the get fixed either by Larian or mods in the future but I'm not sure most of these problems are even seen as actual problems by some players.

I've seen this solution to the armor/marmor on the forums a few times now and I really think it should be implemented alongside a system that makes CC locking harder. The system presented on the image where the % of the respective armor left is the character's chance to resist the CC is a simple solution that I really like.

I'm not really sure why anyone likes the complete lack of RNG on a tactical RPG, it just makes the game a complete cakewalk, even on the hardest difficulty, but hey... To each their own I guess...

Fixing this and the plethora of in combat repositioning tools (Its a tactical combat where EVERYONE can blink/fly/teleport/whatever, doesn't really help it much) would make the combat system way more interesting than it currently is.

I just hope they end up managing to deliver on the mod friendliness of the game's engine (currently not the case), that way modders can do this if they don't.