The argument of "it gets less tactical if RNG is too strong" is pretty much void of meaning, there is no correlation there.

Divinity 2 currently has no RNG on crowd control and there is absolutely no tactic required on the combat part of it. There are too many ways to reposition and whoever is out of armor will be stuck on permanent CC.

What the game does to fake balance it is allow enemies to cheat, by giving every creature in the game all information about the player characters (It will always know resistances, who has glass cannon, imunities, etc.), and through a completely nonsensical turn order, the worst part is: even with that, it's still too easy.

No RNG on a game like this would be fine when playing against players, not so much against the AI, unless it is bound by the same rules and is actually good.

On the other hand, it is possible to be RNG heavy while still requiring tactical thinking.

Compared to most tactical combat systems out there, X-Com (probably the most played tactical combat game out there) is rather RNG heavy. The idea that it would requires less tactical thinking is dubious, at best.

The checkbox option is very unlikely to happen, I do have my hopes high for a mod adding this, Larian not so much, they deliberately designed the game this way (and aparently a lot of it is currently hardcoded too).

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