Love it.

There needs to be SOME RNG, otherwise fights get a bit too mechanical. It's very enjoyable, in my opinion, to try a "risky" move, and be rewarded with 3 knocked down targets! Without RNG, there is no risk... it's all contrived. Enough said about CC lockdown on plenty of other threads. I think most grievances have been laid out about current system.

I do very much enjoy the current armor system for one reason, though. It makes support classes (healing) more robust than simply healing life. Keeping characters good on various defenses adds another dimension.

This comic seems to be the best suggestion I've seen so far. Bravo. Also adds the increased appeal of different defensive attributes (willpower, etc) to bolster cc defense despite your armor deteriorating (something i really liked in D:OS 1). Armor and such can also have built in physical/magical resistance (comic uses the term "absorb"). This adds another VERY cool dimension.

You also have the ability to have increased points in particular skills reduce the effectiveness of the targets CC resist. VERY COOL. You can play a CC based illusionist (or whatever) with perks to "pierce" CC resist chance.

I understand attributes/skills/gear can become overly complicated, but in my opinion the game suffers from exacty the opposite currently. Combat is contrived, and sometimes not as interesting as D:OS1. Character defenses and attributes are not as robust...

Bravo indeed. If this does not become a reality, I'd be tempted to mod it. Don't know how moddable the underlying combat/damage code would be.

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