Why would I use knock down arrow if I have the same chance to trigger the charm arrow, but better CC?

Or assuming I have no charm arrow, why would I use normal attack if I can always use knock down arrow on every attack and deal the same amount of damage with chance of CCing? The amount of arrow is near infinite in Act 2 anyway.

Why would I bother with non-CC spell if damaging enemies with CC spell will always be the better choice?

There's nothing tactical about RNG CC. All it does is make me maximize my roll by pouring every stat I have into the point that boost my RNG chance while preventing it. Look at games like Pillar of Eternity. What's the strongest strat in the game? Start with immunity to CC buff and Accuracy buff. Have whoever can't deal insane damage just learn Lore master and throw in all the CC scroll to perma CC the whole enemy team. Even if it graze, doesn't matter, keep using it and chain it until the entire team is CC'd long enough for your DPS to wipe all the key targets.

Same will happen here. What will become the best strat? A bunch of ranger using KD arrow on every attack and just restock every hour to never run out. It won't even take a hardcore player to figure this out. Deal huge damage AND chance to CC every hit.

Fights where you cannot perma CC the whole team right on turn 1 will always be more tactical than fights you can perma CC starting on turn 1 with a bit of luck. Just imagine the battle where you start with everyone using earthquake and hope it procs on half of the enemy team after 3 casts.

The game gives the player too many way to gain access to CC with no real trade off for RNG CC to be a thing, just like how Pillars' RNG CC games become a joke once you have access to AoE Paralysis and knock down scroll. The only way to make fight challenging after that is outright giving enemies immunity to CC.

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