10% chance to CC is stronger than 0% chance.

I already gave you a scenario. 3 Geo mage with Earthquake. That thing is ridiculous with good build.

First one takes away like 30% magic armor with 15% chance to CC everything
Then it becomes 30% chance on the 2nd cast
And it becomes a 45% chance on the 3rd cast.

While also applying slow.

Each enemy have less than 30% chance to not get knocked down on all 3 casts. You have a 70% chance to lololrolf the whole turn with "Tactical" spam play.

Edit: okay, let's say it's CC then armor.

0%, 15%, 30%,

40.5% chance on each target to get knocked down. That's not low. That's stupidly high on an attack almost guaranteed to hit everything with slow field attached.

And that damage doesn't even count the fact that I can be using a crit build on mage.

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