The idea that the proposed system (even with its current simplicity) would allow MORE CC than the game currently allows is frankly pretty laughable...

Don't use completely arbitrary numbers for your "calculations" and expect to be taken seriously.

Not to mention that you are ignoring several other factors that are already present in the game.

Currently you have 100% chance of stunlocking from the beggining of a fight with Phoenix Dive overpower, then afterwards you can use those same earthquakes you used as an example to stunlock the entire map...

I don't think creating this sort of arbitrary scenarios prove anything, I use it as an example of how it will not always be true (If anything both the current situation and the proposed "solution" point out to the obvious problem currently in the game).

But, I can't really see how any change to the current system would allow MORE CC. The only enemies that currently don't stay down from beggining to end are the imune ones.

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