I already cleared the game on tactician so I know exactly what damage I will be doing across the game to make a joke out of it.

Phoenix Dive - Overpower doesn't even work unless you are fighting in Act 2 with way better gear and it crits. Unless you're using that level 18 unique weapon in Act 3, your chance of it happening is less than 15% on a normal enemy and if you hit level 20 with that weapon, the crit won't even break the armor because of scaling.

if the whole 100% CC chance happens to a SINGLE TARGET because of a source skill dealing too much damage right off the bat, maybe his whole "Increase armor" he mentioned will completely fix it too? And it will even be more tactical because my next hit will still have 0% chance to CC, not 50-75% on everything that isn't a mage because of how auto-scaling of mobs work. (Something like 75-25, 50-50 and 25-75 on resist based on role with 100-0 and 0-100 on some creatures depending on their role).

It's far more tactical to learn to spread and plan your damage so Earthquake can knock multiple targets and be chained than to just use it for the damage anyway and hope it works. RNG CC will just make me roll multiple crit-mages and spam the largest damaging + CC AoE in the game, or a bunch of ranger with CC on every hit. Scoundrel? LOLwhoplaysthem?