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It's far more tactical to learn to spread and plan your damage

Haha, thats again smile U are not the first smile
Its far more tactical to plan and take all possible risks and die and resurect but win! :)))

Btw, give us some numbers from ur build, cos i cant belive u

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Scoundrel? LOLwhoplaysthem?

Ofc with over 3000% possible multipliers... who playsthem?
just with 70 FIN, 20 warfare, 20 scoundrel and Guerilla
its like x4.5x2x2.5x1.4 =x31.5 (3050%) and u still could have +from Huntsman, Dualwield, runes, gears and some other dmg multipliers and boosts.
2 Daggers with 155-165 dmg = (160+80)x31.5 = 7440 - the lowest possible dmg of whoplaysthem

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