You don't even need the number if I say

"Highground Meteor Shower/Arrow storm"

Anyone that cleared the game will laugh at the difficulty when those are mentioned.

But if you want exact numbers,

Enemies at level 20 tactician have like 1673 armor 7803 magic and 9838 for mages. Range sits at 5k 5k armor/mr and sword just flip the mages armor and magic.

Boss have like 8k 8k 20k health.

a TANK mage, not crit mage with maxed int does 1.5k earthquake per cast at 2 + 3 Geomancer.

If I remove that leadership and use another +2 Geo ring and +1 Geo hat on my Fane, I can go for 10 + 6 Geomancer which boost the damage from +25% to +75%, jumping to about 2.2k damage. (I have all th egears btw)

And get Wits
And get + Crit chance weapon (since mage don't need weapon, they just get crit weapon)
and +10 crit chance from hot head.
And +5% from Ingenious (fane is a human mage)
And +12% from fire rune necklace slot

my level 21 Fane can easily be spec'd to deal 4k damage per earthquake since it's almost guaranteed to crit. The only thing keeping me from doing that is their magic resist but even that is not enough if I make 2 mages or to abuse the "RNG CC" even more, 3 mages.

Originally Posted by Roamer

Ofc with over 3000% possible multipliers... who playsthem?
just with 70 FIN, 20 warfare, 20 scoundrel and Guerilla
its like x4.5x2x2.5x1.4 =x31.5 (3050%) and u still could have +from Huntsman, Dualwield and some other dmg multipliers and boosts

Wish I have that much multiplier in the real game too because you went over so many stat caps. Actually, all of them.

Originally Posted by NeoAnubis
You do know you can prebuff characters right? And enemies don't.

I finished it on tactician, there was never a scenario where phoenix dive overpower couldn't knockdown, not EVER (unless the enemy was immune but that is an entirely different story.), overpower doesn't need to crit, it only needs the character to have more armor than the enemy (so always). I was running only one character with it though, the game is already easy enough.

And don't get me started on how enemies can only try to keep up (and they still fail) by cheating both the turn order and "loremaster".

If you're abusing Anathema, that's another story. That thing is made to break the game.

Or you're using pre-buff Fortify then that's a different min-max better. (Where pre-hasted eyed Highground ARrowstorm + Balistic is way stronger)

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