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Wish I have that much multiplier in the real game too because you went over so many stat caps. Actually, all of them.

Lone wolf. Do u know? in my exemple i spend 20 points on schools(that is possible on lvl 20) and 30 points on FIN (that is possible on lvl 15)

Lone wolf is broken and we all know it. Don't balance the game around something that is obviously busted. That's like saying current Arrow storm is fair.

And if that is high for you, do Archer. Same damage, bigger range, more CC since highground and crit shares the same multiplier.

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I don't think you realise how overpower works. Your weapon is completely irrelevant using it, Anathema serves no purpose there.

And again, you're not talking about a system, you're making arbitrary assumptions.

As flawed as it is, there is no situation where the proposed system would allow more CC than the game currently allows.

I already did the math for earthquake in the final fight as the dude requested WITHOUT lonewolf. You can knock down 1 char with buffed overpower or I can just cast Earthquake twice and be given 50%-75% chance to knock down all of them with the proposed system. I went and checked the number for this and 4k per earthquake crit isn't over the top.

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